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I have said for years, that the whole point of having an unleashed income is not about exotic cars, big houses, fancy toys, etc. Now, all of those things are fine….and a lot of fun. BUT, it is REALLY about having the freedom to create life experiences with your family and friends. That being said, my wife and I just embarked on a new adventure. We started preparing for this 2 years ago when we started home schooling our kids. Part of the reason for doing that was to free our kids from the normal school schedule which would allow us to travel and experience the world with the kids.

In the middle of June, we finally began our adventure. With my online businesses, it doesn’t really matter where we live. My income is not tied to a particular job in a particular location. It is unleashed. We began our adventure by moving for several months to South Carolina. We are spending 3 months here before heading out to the next locale. Our goal is to take 2-3 days per week in each location and do something with the kids so they can experience each area/culture first hand.

I realize that this is a pretty unique opportunity. Not everybody can just up and take off around the country. We still have our residence in Florida, but will be traveling around several months at a time to experience this great country with our kids. That is my why. What is why I do what I do. I hope I am able to help others free themselves so they can have the same types of opportunities. Time with family is priceless, and we are creating memories with our kids that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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