I’m BACK baby…let’s make some money online. I will teach you.

CONFESSION: I realized recently that I had let someone’s negative opinion of me have a negative effect on me. I have been making money online for over a decade. I LOVE helping people to create businesses and do the same. This person kept messaging me saying negative things about me, my family, and the fact that I was helping people create businesses and make money online. They kept saying that I called myself a “financial guru”(which I never have), and they kept messaging me talking about their masters degree and called me an uneducated idiot. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered me, but it was right after I took some big risks and failed at those. SO….I started self doubting. I let it get to me.

I realized pretty recently, that the problem this person ACTUALLY had was the fact that they spent 5 years in school, got a masters degree, then went to work 40-60 hours a week at a job….and I was a college drop out, making WAY MORE money than them without a job, and working a fraction of the hours they do. I finally realized….it was jealousy on their part. AND….I personally had to let go of my screw ups and failures, or I would be stuck where I was. I finally realized that those failures were just a bump in the road.

SO….I said all that to say this. I’M BACK BABY.

And you know something….i AM a dang “guru”. Don’t get it twisted. I won’t let myself doubt that again. I may not be some financial genius, BUT I am a guru at finding passive revenue streams. I’ve been doing it for 13 years now. I have successfully started MULTIPLE passive revenue businesses and have successfully taught others to do the same.

Y’all want to know how to create passive revenue streams, and free up your life? Get at me. I am revamping my website and newsletter now and it will all be updated soon.

And I am not posting this to brag in anyway or anything like that. Heck…I am a tech idiot. I am just wanting you guys to know that if you put some effort in, and stay positive, good things can happen and y’all can do this too. Guys, don’t let other people’s negative words and your past failures effect you like I did.

In the meantime….here are just the last few days of ONE of my rev streams.

earnings IMG_6798 IMG_1687 Make Money Onlinemake money online

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